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Dedicated Internet Access in Office Buildings raises property values and offers residual revenue income for IT consultants

Dedicated Internet Access for Businesses

Reliable Dedicated Internet Access with Immediate Personal U.S. Based Support!

Global Voice & Data provides nationwide Dedicated Internet Access for far Less Than the Conventional Shared Service, with Immediate Personal Support on demand!  Our Dedicated Internet Access is available only for Businesses! If it's not DIA, we don't bother, unless our customers insist.  Our Dedicated Internet Access comes from Local Exchange Carriers like AT&T, Level(3), GTT, CenturyLink, XO, Cogent, & Verizon.  Services include VoIP Cloud PBX, global colocation, MPLS (MultiProtocol Label Switching), Managed eMail, and much more.

Cloud VoIP Voice Access...

Cloud based VoIP hosted phone system with Follow Me Mobile Service. [...]
VoIP through DIA
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Dedicated Internet Access...

High Speed Dedicated Internet access through multiple technologies. [...]
business internet DIA
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Free Building Upgrades

Residual revenue for office building upgrade resellers/managers. [...]
Business Internet Data Services
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Reseller 30%+ Residual Commissions for Dedicated Internet Access Partnerships

IT Consultants, Leasing Agents, Sales Agents & Resellers

  1. Supplement your income into tens of thousands, per building, by helping us provide Dedicated Internet Access upgrades to office buildings!
  2. You will:
    1. Identify high occupancy office buildings (30+ Tenants)
    2. Contact building owners and /or building managers
    3. Sell them on a FREE upgrade to a BuildiNet-SmartBuilding™
      1. Essentially, we bring in a large connectivity pipe and provide suites who contract through us with exclusive DIA at almost half the cost of conventional shared connections, and twice the bandwidth, with personal, US based, on demand dedicated support.
      2. The FREE building upgrade provides the owners with:
        1. Increase in property value
        2. Increase in leasing value
        3. Free INternet for life
        4. Free Wi-Fi in lobbies and common areas, cafeterias, etc.
    4. You will work with Building Management to:
      1. Procure and target 6+ tenant contracts
      2. Provide existing and new tenants with sell-sheets
    5. You will receive:
      1. 100% Spiff from each suite contract for the first month
      2. Receive 30% recurring for life of suite contracts
      3. 15% thereafter for suite contract renewals through you
      4. + 5% to you, thereafter for any suite contracts sold by Global Voice & Data

    6. Multiply and calculate your projected commissions:
      1. Each suite monthly average, depending on bandwidth purchased, is between $300 to $2000+ = an average of $1150.
      2. You procure 10 suite contracts in each of 10 upgraded buildings:
        1. $1150 X 10 suites X 10 buildings = $115,000 gross
        2. 30% Commission to you = $34,500 monthly for the first 2 years
        3. 15% commission thereafter = $17,250 monthly, for the life of the suite contracts.
        4. Dedicated Internet Access through Global Voice & Data is a Win-Win for everyone!
You will Continue to receive commissions
for as long as the building stays connected
through GVAD

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Get Started with Dedicated Internet Access Reseller Commissions
Illustration of BuildiNet-SmartBuilding™ with Dedicated Internet Access for Business
Dedicated Internet Access Demystified

The truth about Dedicated Internet Access is that there is no reason whatsoever to share your Internet connection. In fact, in today's market, the pools of available signal are still actually being overvalued and overpriced. Consequently, all we offer is only Dedicated Internet Access at highly competitive prices against standard shared connectivity. What's more, our signal comes directly from your local incumbent Local Exchange Carrier, i.e., AT&T, Verizon, Cogent, Level(3), etc. Yet, our service comes with on demand, personal U.S. Based support and flat-billing so you are never over-billed, or have to waste company man-hours auditing your Dedicated Internet Access invoices monthly.†

† "80% of all Telecom bills are typically over-billed" — The Gartner Group

Call us to sign up as a Dedicated Internet Access reseller: 888-917-GVAD (4823)

We will provide you with the best Dedicated Internet Access solution tailored to your business.