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Our Mission

Our mission is to manage and optimize our customers quality of service (from the local Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier, or multiple carriers) while reducing your cost significantly — to only pay for what you are actually receiving.

Our Exclusive Business Internet Product

Our exclusive signature product is the upgrade Certification of multi-tenant Office Buildings into BuildiNet-SmartBuildings™.  This exclusive Office Building upgrade certification provides commercial building tenants with Dedicated Internet Access through a pre-installed fiber optic backbone.  Office suites are therefore 'up-and-running' within 72 hours.  The fiber optic backbone also provides exclusive security from the outside world to within the building, while maintaining security from within the building as well.  The same Fiber-optic backbone also provides reliable and optimal redundancy for a guarantee of no down-time.  Additionally, the BuildiNet™ UPS (Uniterruptable Power Supply) will keep the entire network running and connected despite any building or area grid outages. To find out if your building qualifies, please contact us through our very brief qualification contact form, or call us directly at 888-755-GVAD (4823).

Once this reliable and redundant Internet infrastructure is in place, it becomes the robust foundation for other information technology solutions that we also deliver to you and your tenants.  These mission critical business solutions include PBX voice telephone service via Cloud VoIP, dedicated web hosting, MS Exchange email, MPLS/IPVPN, 4G Mobile, and Colocation, all with 'one-on-one' personal support.  In addition to our signature product, BuildiNet™, we also provide these connectivity products alone or in clusters without the pre-qualification of BuildiNet-SmartBuilding™.

Through the BuildiNet-SmartBuilding™ certification upgrade, speeds are doubled and costs are cut to almost half, delivering an aggregate of almost 400% upgrade to combined performance and cost. This exclusive building upgrade will raise Real Estate values for commercial buildings that qualify while creating a significant appeal to leasing clients.

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