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Global Voice & Data has partnered with several Telecomm giants to bring state-of-the-art Business Internet to your office with a variety of very cost effective, dedicated solutions and local personal support—no more automated attendants or overseas calls.   As your local Single Point of Contact, we deliver top of the line Business Internet connectivity, directly from the Major Carriers, while managing all aspects of your services for you.  From proactive circuit monitoring (so that we know and address any issues before you even know about them), to ensuring that you get the fastest speeds and reliability, to guaranteed single billing accuracy, we handle everything for you.  Did you know that 80% of all Telecomm billing has been documented as inaccurate over billing?  Because we are able to manage bandwidth and billing services as a Single Point of Contact for your Business Internet, your office will receive twice the speed and reliability at almost half the cost of going directly to the Telecomm giants.

We provide 'Off Net' and 'On Net' connectivity services to office suites, as well as our proprietary BuildiNet-SmartBuilding™ fiber optic upgrade that transforms your office building into a standalone Telecommunications Secured network Hub. This unique and exclusive upgrade will provide your tenants the most secure network connectivity at dedicated bandwidth ranging from 5Mbps, 10Mbps and up to 100Mbps.

Please call 888-755-4823 today and request an assessment of your current contract, billing and bandwidth. Our team at Global Voice & Data will personally customize your services for your Business Internet's specific needs and we will dedicate a local support specialist as your liaison for all your future support needs.

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