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Office Internet Information Request
Reseller Commission Business Internet Dedicated Access

Residual Revenue for Free Office Building Upgrades

IT Consultants, Resellers, Building Managers, Leasing & Sales Agents

A $1000 Finder's fee applies
if you find a reseller who closes a building dea!
  1. The IT Resller (Agent) will Supplement his/her income into tens of thousands, per building!
  2. Agent will:
    1. Identify Muli-tenant Office buildings of 30 suites, or more
    2. Contact owner or building management
    3. Sell the building on a FREE upgrade to BuildiNet-SmartBuilding™
      1. Upon upgrade, we bring in a large bandwidth pipe and provide suites who contract with GVAD our exclusive Dedicated Internet Access at practically half the cost of the standard pooled (shared) connectivity, and up to twice the speed, along with our US based, personal, immediate dedicated support.
      2. The FREE building upgrade provides the office buildings with:
        1. An cncrease in leasing value
        2. An increase in property value
        3. A BuildiNet Certification & Listing
    4. The Agent will Work with Building Management to:
      1. Procure and target at least 6 -8 tenant 2-year contracts
      2. Provide new and existing tenants with data-sheets
    5. Agent will receive a 100% Spiff from each suite contract for the first month
    6. Agent will receive 30% recurring for life of suite first 2 year contracts
    7. Agent will receive 15% thereafter for suite contract renewals through you
    8. Plus, resller will receive 5% , thereafter for any suite contracts sold by GVAD

    9. Multiply and calculate your projected commissions:
      1. Each suite's average monthly cost, depending on speed purchased, is between $250 to $2000+ = an average of $1150.
      2. If you secure 10 suite contracts in each of 10 new BuildiNet-SmartBuildings:
        1. $1150 X 10 suites X 10 buildings = $115,000 gross
        2. 30% Commission to you = $34,500 monthly for the first 2 years
        3. 15% commission thereafter = $17,250 monthly, for the life of the contracts in each suite.
The reseller continues to receive commissions
for as long as the building is connected as a BuildiNet-SmartBuilding
through GVAD

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Get Started with Dedicated Internet Access Reseller Commissions


Get Started with Dedicated Internet Access Reseller Commissions


Business Internet SmartBuilding certification


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