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Qualify Your Building as a BuildiNet-SmartBuilding™ Upgrade

44 Montgomery, San Francisco has enjoyed dedicated BuildiNet™ since February, 2000.

Each upgrade of an office building to a BuildiNet-SmartBuilding™ is a win-win situation for Brokers, Landlords and Tenants.

The Upgrade

This upgrade transforms your building into its own secured private network hub. This raises both property value and leasing value. The building is then set apart from its competitors and 'unique' as a High Speed Business Internet 'Telecommunications Network Hub,' secured from the outside world. This, of course, also employs security within the building.

In addition to this exclusive free upgrade, the building management offices and lobbies will also enjoy ongoing free High Speed Internet WiFi, in exchange for their partnership.

The tenants, on the other hand, will enjoy top of the line Internet services direct from the Major Carriers in the area, although managed totally and exclusively by our optimized Business Internet infrastructure. This management infrastructure reduces costs significantly and provides guaranteed reliability, proactive circuit monitoring, personal-local dedicated support, and faster speeds of up to twice as fast for up to half the cost—all managed by our system with one flat bill.

Only select office buildings qualify for our BuildiNet-SmartBuilding™ upgrade.  Our selective BuildiNet™ 'bandwidth distribution service' is a sophisticated added value connectivity proposition for both tenants and office building management.   We provide you and your tenants with many invaluable features, including high speed dedicated Business Internet access, at much less cost (close to half) of going directly to the standard carrier.  Once installed you and your tenants will receive the following features:

  • Up & running in 48 to 72 hours
  • Dedicated Twice-the-speed connectivity without congestion
  • Office-building dedicated high-speed data lines
  • Up to 50% savings in monthly connectivity fees
  • Flat billing model guarantees no surcharges or surprise fees
  • Redundant backbone keeps connectivity up and running at all times
  • Un-interruptible Power Supply (UPS) ensures up-time in case of power outages
  • No need to purchase additional equipment
  • Your Private, dedicated, secured-switched Ethernet ensures your data security, even within the building
  • Personal and dedicated Technical Support available 24/7

Providing this reliable and redundant Business Internet infrastructure for your building is the foundation for other information technology solutions that we deliver to you and your tenants. These mission critical Business-Internet solutions include voice telephone service via Cloud VoIP PBX, MPLS, IPVPN, Colocation, dedicated web hosting, and MS Exchange Managed email, all with one-on-one, dedicated personal support.

Most importantly, with the fiber optic backbone installed, we're able to get your tenants up and running within 72 hours and enjoy the peace of mind of reliable redundancy. Additionally, with the built in UPS (Un-interruptable Power Supply) separate from the building grid, the system will stay up and running despite any unforeseen outages.


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