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Until we came along, businesses were forced to deal with more than one, sometimes several, Telecomm Local Exchange Carrier-providers for telephone, teleconferencing, email, Internet, hosting, 4G Mobile wireless, etc.  You may have been dealing with large out-of-control mergers that have grown beyond the scope of reasonable support and QoS (Quality of Service).   Either way, your business has been forced to deal with expensive, bureaucratic mazes at all ends of the Telecomm spectrum, with support systems that are often distant, difficult to reach and many times with challenging barriers.

Global Voice & Data provides top of the line Business Internet services direct from the Major Carriers in the area, although managed totally and exclusively by our optimized Business Internet infrastructure. This management infrastructure reduces costs significantly and provides guaranteed reliability, proactive circuit monitoring, personal-local dedicated support, and faster speeds of up to twice-as-fast for as low as half the cost (in BuildiNet™ qualified office buildings) —all managed by our system with one flat bill.

By outsourcing to us your entire Business Internet requirements, as your local Single Point of Contact, your business will in fact save considerable time, receive up to twice the\ speed and reliability, enjoy U.S. based personal dedicated support (no more automated attendants or overseas' calls), and up to over 40% savings in monthly fees.   You will be ridding yourself of the headaches associated with carrier management and, and guaranteeing up to twice-the-speed connectivity, reliability and redundancy, where it counts.

Did you Know that 80% of all Telecomm billing is inadvertently inaccurate, and not typically in your favor?  Our Dedicated Support for Internet access simplifies your Business Internet Connectivity and lowers your costs up to 40%.  From consistent accuracy in flat billing to 24/7 Circuit Monitoring, guaranteed faster speeds and ensured redundancy, our Dedicated Support provides you with Business Internet from Major Carriers while pro-actively managing it entirely for you.

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