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44 Montgomery, San Francisco has enjoyed dedicated BuildiNet™ since February, 2000.

Each upgrade of an office building to a BuildiNet-SmartBuilding™ is a win-win situation for Brokers, Landlords and Tenants.

The Product

Global Voice & Data is a Business Internet provider serving medium to large businesses, as well as multi-tenant Office Buildings and skyscrapers, Malls, shopping centers, etc.

Our signature product, where we will primarily partner with Sales Agents & Commercial Leasing Agents, for a win-win, long-term, lucrative return is the upgrade of office buildings to our trademarked BuildiNet-SmartBuilding™. This upgrade is an exclusively contained secured private network hub within each office building. Concisely, each upgraded building is its own Telecommunication hub available for all tenants. This is a relationship building, long term commitment with ongoing residual future income.

Building the Relationship

This is a residual income opportunity for Sales Agents/Commercial Brokers, into the tens of thousands per building over time.

We are looking for commission based Sales Agents & Leasing Agents who will identify office buildings and their owners or building managers, and sell the building on a 'FREE upgrade' to install our fiber optic back-bone as a stand-alone BuildiNet-SmartBuilding™. 

This upgrade raises both property value and leasing value. The building is then set apart from its competitors and unique as a High Speed Business Internet 'Telecommunications Network Hub,' secured from the outside world. This, of course, also employs security within the building.

In addition to this exclusive free upgrade and the rise of Property and Leasing Values, the building management offices and lobbies will also enjoy ongoing free High Speed Internet in exchange for their partnership.

The tenants, on the other hand, will enjoy top of the line Internet services direct from the Major Carriers in the area, although managed totally and exclusively by our optimized Business Internet management infrastructure within the building.  This management infrastructure reduces costs significantly and provides guaranteed reliability, proactive circuit monitoring, personal-local dedicated support, and faster speeds of up to twice as fast for up to half the cost—all managed by our system with one flat bill and local personal support. There will be no more overseas' calls or automated attendants.

The tenants, will also have available all business Internet standard services such as Cloud based PBX VoIP, Colocation, Managed Email, web hosting, etc.

Global Voice & Data has partnered with several Telecomm giants to bring state-of-the-art Business Internet to offices with a variety of very cost effective, dedicated solutions and local, personal dedicated support:

- AT&T
- Level(3)
- CenturyLink
- XO
- Cogent Communications
- Verizon

Our Message to the Tenants

"As your local Single Point of Contact, we deliver top of the line Business Internet connectivity, directly from the Major Carriers.  This ensures twice the reliability and bandwidth, at nearly half the cost, while managing all aspects of your services for you.   From proactive circuit monitoring, so that we know and address any issues before you do, to guaranteed single flat billing accuracy, we handle everything."

"Did you know that 80% of all Telecomm billing has been documented as inaccurate over billing? (--The Gartner Group).   Additionally, because we are able to manage bandwidth and services as a Single Point of Contact for Business Internet, you will receive twice the speed and reliability at almost half the cost of going directly to the Telecomm giants."

"In the case of existing tenants already connected to the Local Exchange Carrier, we will offer them free higher speed connection, until their current contract expires."

The features include:

- Up & running in 48 to 72 hours (instead of the usual weeks of months)
- Dedicated Twice-the-speed connectivity without congestion
- Office-building dedicated high-speed data lines
- Over 40% savings in monthly connectivity fees
- Flat billing model guarantees no surcharges or surprise fees
- Redundant backbone keeps connectivity up and running at all times
- Un-interruptible Power Supply (UPS) ensures up-time in case of power outages
- No need to purchase additional equipment
- Your Private, dedicated, secured-switched Ethernet ensures your data security,
   even within the building
- Personal and dedicated Technical Support available 24/7

The Building Management

This relationship building will include selling the building owners and Management offices to display our vertical retractable signage banners (tradeshow style 3' wide x 8" high) in their lobby as well as providing all tenants with our collateral materials to encourage new and existing tenants.

Additionally, Sales and Leasing Agents will work with new and existing tenants to procure a small yet 'minimum' number of signed contracts (6 - 10 depending on building size) in order to qualify the office building for a free upgrade. "In the case of existing tenants already connected to the Local Exchange Carrier, we will offer them free higher speed connection, until their current contract expires."  The building will receive our exclusive listing as an upgraded BuildiNet-SmartBuilding™ with lobby or office display plaque and Internet listings.

All collateral sales and technical specification materials will be supplied. Simply fill out the request form to receive your PDF package.

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